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Mobile Ad Banner Exchange
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How does the mobile ad banner exchange work?
  • Build our SDK into your app with our cut and paste code
  • Two banners are displayed side by side within your app
  • Earn credits for each banner you display on the left side
  • Use credits to have banners displayed in other apps to promote your app
  • When end users participate with the right side advertiser banner..You get paid!

  • What other features does the SDK have?
    Aside from the banner exchange, we also have an offer wall plug-in which can present multiple offers to your end users. The offer wall can be triggered at your own discretion, attached to buttons in your GUI or even built into images within your app. It also allows for full customization including colored themes. See more

    Free traffic to promote your app?
    Yes, exactly, you can promote your app for free in our banner exchange. Using our SDK you display banners for other apps which in turn give you credits, you can then spend those credits to promote your app within other developer apps. By displaying one banner on the left for the exchange dedicated purely to the banner exchange we can give you a 1 to 1 exchange, we don't take any of the inventory! On the right is a secondary banner which we use for our advertiser offers, the news gets even better, we also pay you when end users participate with these offers!
      Mobile Ad Banner Exchange.png
    Promote your app for free
    by exchanging banners with other developers.
    Get paid from the secondary advertiser banners

    Cross Promote
    For developers that have apps on multiple platforms you can generate credits in one platform and promote in another, for example you could earn credits in your Android App, then use them to promote an iOS app within other iOS apps, or vice versa.

    How do you earn money?
    Two banners are served into your app, the left one is for the banner exchange, the right one is for our advertisers. whenever an end user participates with the advertiser offers you get paid.

    How much can you earn?
    Generated revenue varies on a per app basis, there are several key factors which effect revenue, for example the geo-location of the end user base, if they are mainly in the USA where we have a larger base of higher paying advertisers then the eCPM will be considerably higher than an app that has the larger percentage base in a country that does not have a large base of advertisers.

    Other factors are how often you display the offers, and where you choose to display them. Revenue is also affected by the type of app as some apps are used repeatedly to a greater extent than others.

    As an average $5 to $6 eCPM, although we've seen it as high as $20+.

    How often and how do you get paid?
    Payments are sent to you net 30, as an example, revenue generated in January would be paid at the end of February. All payments are made through PayPal

    How easy is it to set up and manage?
    Set up is incredibly straight forward, no learning curve, we provide you with a small SDK along with cut and paste code.

    Management is a breeze, simply upload your banner through the online control panel, entering the URL of your app on the Apple App Store or Google Play. You can also categorize it and select which countries you want your banner to be seen in. Maximize your space by having the banners rotate within the same space, or set it to static. All of these settings are managed within the online control panel, no complex code, no redeploy of the SDK. Change settings at any time, with all changes having an immediate effect, no need to modify your app once the SDK is installed as all content and settings are cloud based.

    Advanced Tracking/Reporting
    Our advanced tracking system allows you to add as many sub accounts to your master account as you like, each one a mini account in itself, and to assist you even further you can also add as many different tracking ID’s as you like to each sub account! This allows you to run and independently track multiple applications under one account, as well as track different areas of each individual application. As an example if you display banners but also display the offer wall, simply set up two tracking accounts and receive reports based on each of these so that you can monitor the success of each area!

    Produce reports on individual tracking accounts or join all of the data together for combined reports.

    Mainstream only
    Only mainstream offers, suitable for a general audience will be served to your users.

    Marketplace compliance
    Our SDK is fully compliant with Google and Apple marketplaces. Our SDK does not collect the UDID from the iOS as this is now cause for a ban by Apple, we will collect the IDFA (advertiser ID) as approved by Apple.

    What types of offers are served?
    We currently serve lead generation offers and app downloads. Lead generation gives users the ability to request information/sign up to our advertisers offers by selecting a checkbox and completing a short form. This could be for free offers, further information about an advertisers product etc.

    All banner exchanges and ads are geo targeted by country and by category. You get to control which categories your banners are served in and which category of apps are served in your app.

    On the fly changes
    All content is served 'from the cloud' directly from our server, therefore you may utilize your web based control panel to make any changes to your ad server, selecting where you want your banner to be served, and where you want spend your credits, all changes will be immediate, with no need to make any changes to your app!

    What resources does the SDK utlize?
    At just 130kb for Android and 83kb for iOS, our SDK is extremly light and it is compatible with Android 2.1+ and higher or iOS 4.3+

    Who is
    In October 2013 merged into was founded one of the very first affiliate networks back in 1998! Our technology has evolved over the last 15 years to offer our affiliates an incredibly powerful and yet extremely simply to use control panel. With unsurpassed customer service and by listening to our affiliates needs, we have developed tools and features that you the affiliate want and need to make sure you maxmimize your revenue. See about us for more information.

    Win Prizes!
    We like to incentivize our affiliates, and what better than offering regular drawings for prizes such as Tablets, Laptops and more...

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