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Mobile Ad Platform Merges into

After 15 years as CyberBounty, it was announced today that effectively immediately will merge into What does that mean for developers? Simply put...The industries highest payouts for both Android and iOS Developers through the newly released MobTap 3.0 SDK

Orlando, FL. 16th October 2013

Mobile ad network today announced its merger into With its roots going all the way back to 1998 the team at CyberBounty recognized that with its change in business model from desktop advertising to Android and iOS mobile platforms, it was time for an update and a merger into was the perfect opportunity.

Current developers will still enjoy their current high level of support but with even higher payouts, as the newly released MobTap SDK v3.0 not only facilitates the move to the new domain but also takes the opportunity to launch new features which allows MobTap to run an even greater amount of offers which may require special SDK features.

“Our primary goal is to ensure developers earn more with MobTap than any other platform and the new SDK will definitely increase the revenue of our developers allowing by us to increase the number of offers that we run.

Mobile traffic is fragmented across the globe so we've been pushing hard to cover as many geo's as possible, with offers in 50+ countries comes increased revenue. Our high volume also commands high payouts from our advertisers of which we give a large percentage to our developers, ensuring the highest possible industry payouts. We recognize that until developers deploy the new SDK and end users update that there will be a lot of legacy SDK's out there for which we will offer full support, literally until we see a full switch over. ” Stated Brian Wickes, President of marketing for MobTap
MobTap Android & iOS mobile ad network
CyberBounty merges into MobTap
Increasing developer payouts
Serving offers in more countries than ever

Developers earn more with MobTap than any other platform

Unlike an affiliate network company where developers must continue to maintain their own list of offers, constantly removing, updating and adding offers, the MobTap SDK offers a fully managed, customizable and maintenance free ad serving platform, where the developer does not have to be concerned with ad management which is taken care of by MobTap through their cloud based ad server, ensuring offers are always up to date and developers can spend their time on more productive endeavors.

In business since 1998 CyberBounty was one of the most respected and highly experienced platforms in existence, focused on giving its affiliates the right tools to maximize their revenue. With the recent launch of its banner exchange to compliment it's existing offer wall, MobTap will continue to bring high payouts and innovative features to their developers.

Developed by industry veterans and serving ads since 1998 under the brand as one of the very first desktop, global affiliate networks. With a reputation for thinking ‘outside the box’, consistently producing innovative and effective solutions, with the latest launch of its hybrid mobile banner exchange and offer wall ad platform. As of October 16th, 2013 CyberBounty will now be known as

For more information/create a developer account visit: contact:
Brian Wickes
Tel: 407-777-0194


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