MobTap mobile ad network and banner exchange

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Create an extra revenue stream with a non-competitive product while adding value to the services you currently offer to your own clients.

The referral program is ideal for app development companies, app testers, and mobile related forums, in-fact anybody that has direct contact with owners of apps.

Why stop getting paid once you've completed your client project?
Simply recommend the MobTap ad platform to your clients to receive an ongoing share of the revenue for as long as our platform is utilized within your clients app. You'll receive automatic payments from us as your share of the revenue long after the client has stopped using your services.

Referring is easy, we'll provide you with a refer link that can be used by yourselves or your client to create a new account.

Integration is straight forward utilizing cut and paste code, the whole process can be completed in less than 5 minutes. All tracking/reporting is automatic.

Create revenue from previous clients
If you have a portolio of previous clients you could also contact them to inform them of your partnership with MobTap and your ability to now assist them with the monitization of their app.

Creating a reseller account
Contact us now and we'll have a company representative contact you right away!

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